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Neuroscan is a world-leading developer of software

and hardware for EEG, ERPs, Source Localization and

Functional Neuro-imaging.

        Neuroscan provides complete solutions for a wide range of Neuroscience applications. Neuroscan is dedicated to developing the most sophisticated tools for the investigation of the central nervous system. Neuroscan's research and development teams work to evolve high-density EEG recordings into a true functional neuro-imaging method.



NeuroScan Systems

     Neuroscan provides state of the art systems for the acquisition and analysis of EEG and ERP data.   Our systems are integrated platforms, designed to allow uncompromising solutions for seamless recording and analysis of EEG data across a variety of domains.   Neuroscan has developed multiple hardware and software systems that combine to build the ideal platform for a particular area of research.  Because of this flexibility, the components and the platforms we build are not limited to any specific area of research, providing flexibility to move from
recordings in one area to another, often, and with the same configuration.


Stim2is the next evolutionary step in stimulus presentation and experimental design. Running within the Windows XP (only) environment, Stim2 retains the functionality and timing of the original DOS-based STIM, but with a contemporary user interface and numerous expanded features.

Stim2 is a complete software environment for custom stimulus and task design as well as presentation. The Stim2 system can be integrated in fMRI, MEG, and other functional neuro-imaging applications. The software provides a familiar menu-driven interface in which to design and present visual and auditory stimulation paradigms.

Stim2's powerful and intuitive design translates into a short learning curve and quick implementation. The modules make it easy to design and execute your stimuli with the greatest precision, and the wide array of pre-packaged stimuli ensures fast integration into your research.

Stim2is comprised of 14 task modules, a generic programmable module (Gentask), a sound file editor, and an image file converter. The task modules may be categorized into Motor,PerceptualAttentionMemory, and Cognitive tasks, many of which have neuropsychological similarity (Tapping, Stroop, Categories, Card Sorting, etc.). The Gentaskprogram includes an interface for creating and presenting almost any type of visual, auditory, or combined task and recording behavioral responses. Gentask has been used for a variety of experiments including auditory P300, N400, MMN, CNV, picture memory, and many more. The Gentask Editor makes creating, modifying and debugging sequences files much easier. TheSound Editor program is used for recording, editing, and presenting digital sound segments. The Image Converter module will convert less familiar formats into commonly encountered types of graphics files (BMP, JPG, PNG, TIF, etc.) that can then be presented.


There are two versions of Stim2Stim2 Complete, which uses specially designed hardware, and a Software Only version that uses the hardware in the computer. The Complete system includes the 4-button STIM Response Pad, software/hardware control of the decibel levels (precise dB levels), and the STIM microphone. Keyboard and mouse responses are available with both systems; the STIM Response Pad provides the most accurately timed responses. The Software Only version may be adequate for some situations; however, the Complete system is generally preferred. It has additional flexibility and control, and it is likely that long range development will favor the Complete system.

Stim2 interfaces seamlessly with CURRY 7 and SCAN, as well as any of our amplifiers: SynAmps2, SynAmps RT, or NuAmps.

For more details, please refer to the STIM2 brochure