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  Curriculum and disciplines
           Students who study in the College will gain valuable experience as part of the research activities that they engage in.
  There are many specialist lecturers in the areas of research and statistics to guide students in becoming professional researchers
  themselves.The College is   involved with expert staff from various international academic institutions, and students are encouraged
  to avail themselves of  this pool of   expertise by either face-to-face interaction or through e-mail contact with these eminent

College of Research Methodology and Cognitive Science Curriculum


Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

Master of Science (M.Sc.)


  • Research and Statistics in Cognitive Science
  • Measurement and Technology in Cognitive Science
  • Cognitive Science (International Program) – to commence in 2016


Not less than 48 credits overall

Not less than 36 credits overall


3 years
(2 semesters per year)

2 years
(2 semesters per year)