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         The College of Research Methodology and Cognitive Science (RMCS), Burapha University, was established by Thai
    government law on30 April 2008. It is the first and only cognitive science teaching and research institute in Thailand.
    RMCS students gain skills  in research methodology for multidisciplinary studies, and in developing research techniques.
    The College graduates research methodologists, applied measurement researchers, and cognitive science researchers.
    RMCS holds similar values to the Cognitive Science Society (www.cognitivesciencesociety.org) , in that it brings together
    researchers holding common goals, such as: understanding the nature of the human mind, and promoting scientific interchange
    among colleagues in disciplines that comprise the field of cognitive science, including computer science, education, linguistics,
    neuroscience, philosophy, psychology and social science
          The College of Research Methodology and Cognitive Science will lead the way in all of Thailand and South East Asia by
    producing graduates with expertise in research methodology and statistics, applied measurement, and cognitive science.
      1. To graduate master's and doctoral degree students who are expertly qualified in research methodology and statistics,
    applied measurement, and cognitive science.
      2. To bring together researchers from many fields who share common objectives in cognitive science and its related disciplines.
      3. To conduct pure and applied research in the areas of research and statistics, applied measurement, and cognitive science
      4. To publish an international refereed professional journal, the Research Methodology and Cognitive Science.
          To produce graduates who meet the national needs of Thailand in relation to research and statistics, applied measurement,
    and cognitive science. These graduates will be able to apply acquired computer technology skills to relevant multidisciplinary areas.
    They will be professional researchers and graduate lecturers of the highest caliber.
          To produce state of the art research which will be disseminated in prestigious national and international research journals.
    Academic Services

          At various times RMCS will conduct special workshops not just for academic staff and students, but also for the wider community.
    These will fulfill the nation's aim of becoming a knowledge-based society, enhance the quality of life, and promote life-long learning.