About us


The College of Research Methodology and Cognitive Science (RMCS), Burapha University, was established by Thai government law on 30 April 2008. It is the first and only cognitive science teaching and research institute in Thailand. RMCS students gain skills in research methodology for multidisciplinary studies, and in developing research techniques. The College graduates research methodologists, applied measurement researchers, and cognitive science researchers. RMCS holds similar values to the Cognitive Science Society (www.cognitivesciencesociety.org) , in that it brings together researchers holding common goals, such as: understanding the nature of the human mind, and promoting scientific interchange among colleagues in disciplines that comprise the field of cognitive science, including computer science, education, linguistics, neuroscience, philosophy, psychology and social science



“From Cognitive Research to Wisdom, Society Development, Innovative Enrichment, International Vission”

  1. To generate graduates with intellectual skills related to cognitive science.

2. To produce research works and build multidisipinary knowledge in a wide variety of disciplines. To enhance a  balanced development for the country and be recognized in terms of international standard to achieve perpetuity.

3. To provide academic services to the society and to build a wealthy and robust community and society.

4. To preserve local art and culture and to inherit the virtuous traditions of the Thai society

5. To manage by holding good governance principles and the organization’s contentment is the main guideline for achieving sustainability.


Leaders and creators of knowledge in cognitive sciences and innovations for social development.


           To produce graduates who meet the national needs of Thailand in relation to research and statistics, applied measurement,and cognitive science. These graduates will be able to apply acquired computer technology skills to relevant multidisciplinary areas. They will be professional researchers and graduate lecturers of the highest caliber.


To produce state of the art research which will be disseminated in prestigious national and international research journals.

Academic Services

           At various times RMCS will conduct special workshops not just for academic staff and students, but also for the wider community. These will fulfill the nation’s aim of becoming a knowledge-based society, enhance the quality of life, and promote life-long learning.


      The College of Research Methodology and Cognitive Science organizes research-based learning (RBL) teaching for all courses. All students will benefit from doing actual research works supervised by experienced and expert faculties in research and statistics fields in order to develop students to become professional researchers. Besides, there are co-teaching managed by foreign professors who can provide student advice at any time through online platforms, permitting foreign language capabilities and globalized vision development.


Area of Graduates Production
The main objectives of this course are to produce graduates who are capable of cognitive science, able to apply knowledge of research and advanced statistics measurement, evaluation, and modern technology and to generate new knowledge, innovations in cognitive science and related topics to meet the nation’s demands.

Area of Research
To produce research results for publishing in national and international academic journals and creating innovations. Utilization of research results to benefit the society along with the creation of national and international research networks.

Academic Services to the Society
To promote academic services that benefit the society, research consulting services and training in cognitive science, exploitation of knowledge from research findings to serve the society.

Preservation of Art and Culture
To promote and participate in art and culture activities, to encourage the development and integration of arts, culture, and traditions preservation, and to cultivate a unique Thai university and community.

Area of Management
To systematically emphasize organizational management with information technology, to adhere to good governance principles, to support and develop personels, and to create a happy workplace.

Centre of Excellent in Cognitive Science (CECoS)

CECoS facilities

  1. Amplifiers
  2. EEG-recording caps and response boxes
  3. Software
  4. Computers and EEG recording room
  5. Lab members
  6. Research themes at CECoS
1. Amplifiers

2. EEG-recording caps and response boxes

3. Software

4. Computers and EEG recording room

 Electrical Testing Results

Grounding Test: < 1.5 Ohm

EMF Test (30-300Hz): < 0.1 mGauss

Illumination Test: < 320 Lux(adjustable)

Power line: Isolated transformer

5. Lab members

6. Research themes at CECoS